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Hanabira ga

Kaze ni mau yo

Haru no uta

Petals dancing

In the wind gracefully

Song of the spring.

Hanabira is Free Open Source Japanese language learning website that aims to prepare students for JLPT N5-N1. Enjoy studying Japanese without ads and popups. Currently we are offering Grammar explanation for all JLPT levels. Additionally we have several JLPT vocabulary related sections. All lessons contain audio voiceovers for vocabulary, grammar and example sentences. Other features will be implemented in the future. Please see roadmap below.

Project timeline:

Public Alpha version. This site is currently undergoing active development. We are working diligently to improve the platform and add new features. As a result, you may encounter occasional bugs, inconsistencies, or limited functionality. You can support the development by buying us a coffee.

  • Create Japanese JLPT N5-N2 Grammar sections.
  • Create Japanese JLPT N5-N2 Vocabulary sections.
  • Add Kanji with only one reading sections for JLPT N5-N2
  • Reading section for Japanese JLPT N3 stories (including audio)
  • Grammar explanation of texts from reading section.
  • Google based login for free users.
  • Spaced Repetition System (SRS) for learning Vocabulary, Grammar and Kanji.
  • Adding Grammar and Vocabulary for Korean language.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to reach out to us. We welcome your feedback, bug reports and feature requests. Currently the site is in Public Alpha, so there are lots of bugs that we are already aware of.


Currently all content is free. And all content will be free for long time. Vast majority of content will be free forever. Project is open sourced, so anyone can spin up their own Hanabira server.

It is possible that in the future certain features will be paid on main production hanabira.org platform to keep servers running and to recuperate development costs. But even in such case lots of features will remain freely available forever. Functionality that might become premium covers user specific features, such as progress tracking, word banks, SRS flashcards, ... Anyways, you can always slightly tweak the source code and you have full functionality for free.

Sources & Literature:


  • Nihongo So Matome JLPT N2 series
  • Nihongo So Matome JLPT N3 series
  • Nihongo So Matome JLPT N4 series
  • Nihongo So Matome JLPT N5 series
  • 600 Basic Japanese Verbs, Tuttle Publishing
  • New Kanzen Master JLPT N3 Tango Word Book (Shin Kanzen Master: JLPT N3 1800 Important Vocabulary Words)


  • Let's speak Vietnamese (Binh Nhu Ngo)
  • Vietnamese as a second language (Hue Van Nguyen)

Web Sources:


JLPT level vocabulary lists taken fromTanos.co.uk

(eventually we will also use Kanji JLPT lists) licence: Creative Commons BY -License Details


Ace your Japanese JLPT N5-N1 preparation.


Public Alpha version Open Source (GitHub). This site is currently undergoing active development. You may encounter bugs, inconsistencies, or limited functionality. Lots of sentences might not sound natural. We are progressively addressing these issues with native speakers. You can support the development by buying us a coffee.




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