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Decoded Slug: 〜の上では (〜no ue de wa)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
〜の上では (〜no ue de wa)

〜の上では (〜no ue de wa)

Short explanation:

Indicates 'on the basis of', 'in terms of', or 'from the standpoint of'.


Noun or Phrase + の上では


Kouritsu no ue de wa, kono houhou ga saiteki desu.
In terms of efficiency, this method is the best.
Houritsu no ue de wa, kare no koui wa ihan dewa arimasen.
From a legal standpoint, his actions are not illegal.
Aji no ue de wa, kono resutoran wa hyouka ga takai desu.
In terms of taste, this restaurant has a high rating.
Seiseki no ue de wa, kare wa kurasu de ichiban yuushuu desu.
On the basis of grades, he is the most outstanding student in the class.

Long explanation:

The 〜の上では grammar point is used to show that you are expressing a view or making a judgment based on a specific standpoint or perspective. It can be translated as 'on the basis of', 'in terms of', or 'from the standpoint of'. The formation is straightforward, which involves attaching 〜の上では to a noun or a phrase.

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