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Decoded Slug: いつまで~のやら。。。 (itsumade ~ no yara)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
いつまで~のやら。。。 (itsumade ~ no yara)

いつまで~のやら。。。 (itsumade ~ no yara)

Short explanation:

Express uncertainty regarding duration; 'don't know when... will end'.


いつまで + Verb-てform + のやら


Kono shiken benkyou wa itsumade tsuzuku no yara.
I don't know when this exam study will end.
Kare no hanashi ga itsumade owaru no yara shiranai.
I don't know when his talk will end.
Kono ame ga itsumade furitsuzuku no yara.
I don't know when this rain will stop.
Korona no pandemikku ga itsumade tsuzuku no yara.
I don't know when this corona pandemic will end.

Long explanation:

The いつまで~のやら grammar point is used to express uncertainty about when something will end or finish. It is often used in contexts where the speaker is unsure about when a particular situation or state of affairs will conclude.

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