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Decoded Slug: い-Adjective く します (i-Adjective ku shimasu)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
い-Adjective く します (i-Adjective ku shimasu)

い-Adjective く します (i-Adjective ku shimasu)

Short explanation:

Change an い-adjective into a verb; 'to make', 'to become'.


い-Adjective (remove い) + くします


Heya wo akaruku shimasu.
I will make the room brighter.
Tomodachi no kibun wo tanoshiku shimasu.
I will make my friend's mood enjoyable.
Shigoto ga kantan ni naru you ni kouritsuteki ni yarikata wo hayaku shimasu.
I will make the way of working faster and efficient to make the job easier.
Tabemono wo oishiku shimasu.
I will make the food delicious.

Long explanation:

By changing an い-adjective into a verb using く します, you can express actions or changes related to the meaning of the adjective. This structure means 'to make', 'to become', or 'to cause to be'. To form it, replace the final イ (i) in the adjective with く (ku) and add します (shimasu) to create a verb.

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