Decoded Slug: そちら~ (sochira~)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
そちら~ (sochira~)

そちら~ (sochira~)

Short explanation:

Indicates a direction or a person further away from both the speaker and listener; 'that way', 'that person'.


そちら can be used as standalone or within a sentence.


Sochira no resutoran wa dou desu ka?
How is that restaurant over there?
Sochira no kata, onamae o oshiete itadakemasu ka?
Can you tell me the name of that person over there?
Sochira ni iku tochuu de eki ga arimasu.
There is a station on the way to that direction.
Sochira no kaban, watashi no to niteimasu ne.
That bag over there looks similar to mine.

Long explanation:

The そちら grammar point is used to refer to a direction or a person who is further away from both the speaker and listener. It can be translated as 'that way', 'that person', or 'that side'. Suggests moderate distance or closeness, compared to 'あちら' (achira) which is used when the subject is further away.

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