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Decoded Slug: そんな (sonna) + Noun

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
そんな (sonna) + Noun

そんな (sonna) + Noun

Short explanation:

Expresses 'that kind/type of'; referring to something near listener.


そんな + Noun


Sonna hanashi, shinjirarenai.
I can't believe that kind of story.
Sonna ni isoide iru nara, takushī o tsukatta hou ga ii yo.
If you're in such a hurry, it's better to take a taxi.
Kanojo wa sonna ni kashikokunai.
She is not that smart.
Sonna eiga, mitakunai.
I don't want to watch that kind of movie.

Long explanation:

The word 'そんな' is used before a noun to indicate 'that kind of' or 'that type of', emphasizing something related to or near the listener, or something previously mentioned in the conversation. It is used to specify the noun based on the given context or shared understanding between the speaker and the listener.

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