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Decoded Slug: だけど (dakedo)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
だけど (dakedo)

だけど (dakedo)

Short explanation:

Expresses a contrast or contradiction; 'but', 'however', 'even though'.


Verb-casual + だけど, い-Adjective + だけど, な-Adjective + だけど, Noun + だけど


Shiken ni goukaku shita dakedo, mada benkyou shinakereba naranai.
I passed the exam, but I still have to study.
Kono heya wa hiroi dakedo, yachin ga takai desu.
This room is spacious, but the rent is high.
Kare wa yasashii dakedo, tokidoki kibishii desu.
He is kind, but sometimes strict.
Asagohan wa tsukuritai dakedo, jikan ga nai.
I want to make breakfast, but there's no time.

Long explanation:

The だけど grammar point is used to express a contrast or contradiction between two statements or situations. It can be translated as 'but', 'however', or 'even though' in English. The formation differs depending on whether it is used with a verb, い-adjective, な-adjective, or noun.

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