Decoded Slug: だれでも~ (dare demo~)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
だれでも~ (dare demo~)

だれでも~ (dare demo~)

Short explanation:

Used to express 'anyone' or 'everyone'; 'no matter who'.


だれでも + Verb/Adjective/Noun


Dare demo kono geemu ga dekimasu.
Anyone can play this game.
Dare demo tsukareru koto ga arimasu.
Everyone gets tired sometimes.
Dare demo muryou de kono ibento ni sanka dekimasu.
Anyone can participate in this event for free.
Dare demo kono machi no kankou supotto wo tanoshimu koto ga dekimasu.
No matter who you are, you can enjoy the sightseeing spots in this town.

Long explanation:

The grammar point だれでも is used to emphasize that something applies to everyone or anyone, regardless of who they are. It can be translated as 'anyone', 'everyone', or 'no matter who' in English. It is used in sentences to show that a certain situation, characteristic, or condition applies to all people.

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