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Decoded Slug: ときどき~ (tokidoki~)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
ときどき~ (tokidoki~)

ときどき~ (tokidoki~)

Short explanation:

Used to indicate the frequency of an event; 'sometimes', 'occasionally', 'now and then'.


ときどき + Verb/Adjective/Noun


Kare wa tokidoki keeki o tsukurimasu.
He sometimes makes cakes.
Tokidoki ame ga furu node, kasa o motte itta hou ga ii desu.
It occasionally rains, so it's better to bring an umbrella.
Watashi wa tokidoki kono mise de kaimono o shimasu.
I shop at this store now and then.
Kanojo wa tokidoki chikoku shimasu.
She is sometimes late.

Long explanation:

The grammar point ときどき is an adverb used to describe an event or action that occurs occasionally or at irregular intervals. It can be translated as 'sometimes', 'occasionally', or 'now and then' in English. It is often used to indicate that the speaker cannot predict the exact time when a certain event occurs.

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