Decoded Slug: どちら~ (dochira~)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
どちら~ (dochira~)

どちら~ (dochira~)

Short explanation:

Used to ask about two choices or options.


どちら + が/を + verb, どちら + が/を + adjective, どちら + が/を + noun


Kono futatsu no ringo, dochira ga oishii desu ka?
Which of these two apples is delicious?
Dochira no doresu wo kitaidesuka?
Which dress would you like to wear?
Kono futatsu no machi, dochira ni ikitai desu ka?
Which of these two towns do you want to go to?
Dochira no eiga ga omoshiroi to omoimasu ka?
Which movie do you think is interesting?

Long explanation:

The どちら grammar point is used to ask about two choices or options. It translates to 'which of the two' or just simply 'which' in English. It is commonly used with question words like どちらが or どちらを and can be combined with verbs, adjectives, and nouns to ask about preferences or to make comparisons.

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