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Decoded Slug: どの Noun (dono Noun)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
どの Noun (dono Noun)

どの Noun (dono Noun)

Short explanation:

Expresses 'which'; used to ask about specific items within a group.


どの + Noun


Dono hon ga ichiban omoshiroi desu ka.
Which book is the most interesting?
Dono fuku wo kitaidesu ka.
Which clothes do you want to wear?
Dono iro ga suki desu ka.
Which color do you like?
Dono resutoran ni ikitai desu ka.
Which restaurant do you want to go to?

Long explanation:

The どの Noun grammar point is used to ask about specific items or objects within a group. It is the combination of the question word ど (which) and the particle の to connect to a noun. In English, it can be translated as 'which' depending on the context.

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