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Decoded Slug: どんな Noun (donna)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
どんな Noun (donna)

どんな Noun (donna)

Short explanation:

Used to ask or describe 'what kind' or 'what type' of something.


どんな + Noun


Donna ongaku ga suki desu ka?
What kind of music do you like?
Kanojo wa donna eiga ga suki da to omou?
What kind of movies do you think she likes?
Donna hon ga ichiban omoshiroi desu ka?
What kind of books are the most interesting?
Donna ryouri ga tokui desu ka?
What kind of dishes are you good at making?

Long explanation:

The どんな (donna) grammar point is used to ask or describe 'what kind' or 'what type' of something. It is usually followed by a noun. It is similar to the English expression 'What kind of' or 'What type of' when asking about a specific characteristic or attribute.

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