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Decoded Slug: どんなに~ても (donna ni ~ temo)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
どんなに~ても (donna ni ~ temo)

どんなに~ても (donna ni ~ temo)

Short explanation:

Expresses 'no matter how much' or 'even if'; emphasizes the degree of a situation.


どんなに + Verb-てform + も, どんなに + い-Adjective-てform + も, どんなに + な-Adjective + でも


Donna ni benkyou shite mo, mada wakaranai koto ga aru.
No matter how much I study, there are still things I don't understand.
Donna ni hayaku hashitte mo, kare ni wa katemasen.
No matter how fast I run, I can't beat him.
Donna ni tsukarete mo, shigoto o owaraseru made kaeremasen.
No matter how tired I am, I can't go home until I finish my work.
Donna ni oishikute mo, kore ijou taberarenai.
No matter how delicious it is, I can't eat any more.

Long explanation:

The どんなに~ても grammar point is used to emphasize the degree of a situation or condition, often translated as 'no matter how much' or 'even if' in English. It can be used with verbs, い-adjectives, and な-adjectives.

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