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Decoded Slug: なんでも~ (nandemo~)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
なんでも~ (nandemo~)

なんでも~ (nandemo~)

Short explanation:

Means 'any', 'anything', 'anyone'.


なんでも + Verb, なんでも + Adjective, なんでも + Noun


Nandemo taberareru kara, nani wo tanondemo daijoubu desu.
I can eat anything, so it's okay to order whatever you want.
Nandemo yokereba, kono hon wo osusume shimasu.
If you're okay with anything, I recommend this book.
Nandemo dekiru sutaffu wo sagashiteimasu.
We are looking for a staff member who can do anything.
Kono shokudou de wa, nandemo oishikute yasui ryouri ga dasaremasu.
In this cafeteria, any dish served is delicious and inexpensive.

Long explanation:

The なんでも grammar point is used to express the concept of 'any', 'anything', or 'anyone' in Japanese. It can be used with verbs, adjectives, and nouns. It is often used in the meaning of 'no matter what' or 'regardless of'.

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