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Decoded Slug: のために (no tame ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
のために (no tame ni)

のために (no tame ni)

Short explanation:

Used to express purpose or reason; 'for', 'for the sake of', 'in order to'.


Noun + のために


Benkyou no tame ni, toshokan de shizukana basho o sagashiteimasu.
In order to study, I am looking for a quiet place in the library.
Kare wa kazoku no tame ni, isshoukenmei hataraiteimasu.
He works hard for the sake of his family.
Kenkou no tame ni, mainichi undou o shiteimasu.
I exercise every day for the sake of my health.
Sekai heiwa no tame ni, minna de kyouryoku shimashou.
Let's all cooperate for the sake of world peace.

Long explanation:

The のために grammar point is used to express the purpose or reason for doing something, or for the benefit of someone or something. It can be translated as 'for', 'for the sake of', or 'in order to' in English. The formation is straightforward, simply place のために after a noun.

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