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Decoded Slug: まあまあ~ (maa maa~)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
まあまあ~ (maa maa~)

まあまあ~ (maa maa~)

Short explanation:

Expresses something as 'so-so', 'not bad', or 'average'.


Used as an adverb with no need for additional grammar structures.


Kare no ryouri no udemae wa maa maa desu.
His cooking skills are so-so.
Kyou no tenki wa maa maa desu ne.
The weather today is not bad, huh?
Ano eiga wa maa maa omoshirokatta desu.
That movie was somewhat interesting.
Kanojo no uta wa maa maa jouzu da to omoimasu.
I think her singing is not bad.

Long explanation:

The expression まあまあ is used to describe something that is not particularly good or bad, but rather average or 'so-so'. It is a neutral term and can be used in various contexts when discussing quality, feelings, or situations.

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