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Decoded Slug: 必ずしも~とは限らない (kanarazushimo ~ towa kagiranai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
必ずしも~とは限らない (kanarazushimo ~ towa kagiranai)

必ずしも~とは限らない (kanarazushimo ~ towa kagiranai)

Short explanation:

Not necessarily; not always.


必ずしも + Statement + とは限らない


Takai mono ga kanarazushimo yoi towa kagiranai.
Expensive things are not necessarily better.
Yuumei na hito ga kanarazushimo shiawase towa kagiranai.
Famous people are not necessarily happy.
Gaikokugo ga hanaseru hito ga kanarazushimo eigo ga tokui to wa kagiranai.
People who can speak a foreign language are not always good at English.
Benkyou jikan ga ooi seito ga kanarazushimo shiken de tensuu ga takai to wa kagiranai.
Students who study a lot are not necessarily getting high scores on exams.

Long explanation:

The 必ずしも~とは限らない grammar point is used to express that something is not necessarily or not always the case, indicating that a certain assumption may not always hold true.

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