Decoded Slug: 文A。そのうえ 文B。

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
文A。そのうえ 文B。

文A。そのうえ 文B。

Short explanation:

Shows additional information; 'furthermore', 'besides', 'in addition'.


Sentence A + そのうえ + Sentence B + 。


Kono sofutouea wa tsukaiyasui. Sono ue, kakaku mo tegoro da.
This software is easy to use. Furthermore, the price is reasonable.
Kanojo wa bijin da. Sono ue, atama mo ii.
She is beautiful. In addition, she is smart.
Kono eiga wa omoshiroi. Sono ue, haiyuutachi no engi mo subarashii.
This movie is interesting. Besides, the actors' performances are also great.
Toukyou wa takusan no kankou supotto ga aru. Sono ue, oishii resutoran mo oi.
Tokyo has many sightseeing spots. In addition, there are many delicious restaurants.

Long explanation:

This grammar point is used to connect two sentences, where the first sentence 文A provides some information, and the second sentence 文B adds additional related information. It can be translated as 'furthermore', 'besides', or 'in addition' in English.

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