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Decoded Slug: 文A。それで 文B (Bun A. Sorede Bun B)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
文A。それで 文B (Bun A. Sorede Bun B)

文A。それで 文B (Bun A. Sorede Bun B)

Short explanation:

Used to connect two sentences; 'So', 'That's why', 'Therefore'.


Sentence A。それで Sentence B。


Kyou wa atsui desu. Sorede, eakon wo tsukemashita.
It is hot today. So, I turned on the air conditioner.
Densha ga okuremashita. Sorede, shigoto ni okurete shimaimashita.
The train was delayed. That's why I was late for work.
Kare wa tsukarete iru. Sorede, hayaku neru koto ni shita.
He is tired. Therefore, he decided to go to bed early.
Shiken ni goukaku shimashita. Sorede, tomodachi to oiwai paatii wo hirakimashita.
I passed the exam. So, I held a celebration party with friends.

Long explanation:

The grammar point 文A。それで 文B is used to connect two sentences and show that the second sentence (文B) is a result or consequence of the first sentence (文A). It can be translated as 'so', 'that's why', or 'therefore' in English.

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