Decoded Slug: 文A。それに 文B (Bun A. Soreni Bun B)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
文A。それに 文B (Bun A. Soreni Bun B)

文A。それに 文B (Bun A. Soreni Bun B)

Short explanation:

Express 'in addition to; besides,' used to include additional information.


Sentence A + それに + Sentence B


Kare wa atama ga ii. Soreni, supo-tsu mo tokui da.
He is smart. In addition, he is good at sports.
Kono keeki wa oishii. Soreni, nedan mo yasui.
This cake is delicious. Besides, the price is also cheap.
Watashi wa nihongo ga hanasemasu. Soreni, kankokugo mo hanasemasu.
I can speak Japanese. On top of that, I can also speak Korean.
Kanojo wa bijin da. Soreni, seikaku mo ii.
She is beautiful. In addition, she has a good personality.

Long explanation:

This grammar point 文A。それに 文B is used to express an additional statement on what was mentioned earlier. It can be translated as 'in addition to,' 'besides,' or 'on top of that,' in English. It connects two sentences by highlighting supplementary information, opinions, or reasons.

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