Decoded Slug: 文A。だから 文B (Bun A. Dakara Bun B)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
文A。だから 文B (Bun A. Dakara Bun B)

文A。だから 文B (Bun A. Dakara Bun B)

Short explanation:

Express reason or cause; 'because', 'so', 'therefore'.


Sentence A + だから + Sentence B


Ashita wa shiken da. Dakara kyou benkyou shinakereba naranai.
Tomorrow is the exam, so I have to study today.
Kono ryouri wa kantan da. Dakara shoshinsha demo tsukureru.
This dish is simple, so even beginners can make it.
Kare wa byouki da. Dakara kyou gakkou wo yasumu.
He is sick, so he will take a day off from school today.
Eki made tooi. Dakara takushii de itta hou ga ii.
The station is far, so it's better to go by taxi.

Long explanation:

The 文A。だから 文B grammar point is used to indicate that the reason or cause of an action or event expressed in the second sentence (文B) is a result or consequence of the situation described in the first sentence (文A). It can be translated as 'because', 'so', or 'therefore' in English.

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