Decoded Slug: ~あまり (〜amari)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~あまり (〜amari)

~あまり (〜amari)

Short explanation:

Expresses the result of doing something excessively or beyond a certain point.


Verb-ます stem + あまり, い-Adjective + あまり, な-Adjective + のあまり, Noun + のあまり


Kinou wa tsukaresugita amari, asa made nemuri tsuzukemashita.
Yesterday, I was so tired that I slept until morning.
Kanojo wa ureshii amari, nakidashite shimatta.
She was so happy that she ended up crying.
Kare wa anzen wo kakunin suru no amari, nankai mo doa wo chekku shite iru.
He is so concerned about safety that he checks the door many times.
Samusa no amari, kare wa furue ga tomaranakatta.
It was so cold that he couldn't stop shivering.

Long explanation:

The ~あまり grammar point is used to express a negative or undesirable outcome caused by doing something excessively or beyond a certain point. It often follows verbs, adjectives and nouns, and is commonly translated as 'so much', 'too much' or 'to the extent that'.

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