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Decoded Slug: ~あります (〜arimasu)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~あります (〜arimasu)

~あります (〜arimasu)

Short explanation:

Indicate possession or existence of inanimate objects or animals; 'there is', 'there are'.


Object + が + あります


Kyoushitsu ni tsukue ga arimasu.
There is a desk in the classroom.
Kono kouen ni takusan no hana ga arimasu.
There are many flowers in this park.
Eki no chikaku ni konbini ga arimasu.
There is a convenience store near the station.
Ie no naka ni neko ga arimasu.
There is a cat inside the house.

Long explanation:

The あります grammar point is used to indicate the possession or existence of inanimate objects or animals. It can be translated as 'there is' or 'there are' in English. It is different from います, which is used for people and living beings. It is commonly used with particle が to mark the object.

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