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Decoded Slug: ~おかげで (〜okagede)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~おかげで (〜okagede)

~おかげで (〜okagede)

Short explanation:

Expresses gratitude or shows a positive result due to a certain factor; 'thanks to', 'because of'.


Verb-casual + おかげで, い-Adjective + おかげで, な-Adjective + だおかげで, Noun + のおかげで


Okaasan no okagede, watashi wa genki ni narimashita.
Thanks to my mother, I became healthy.
Sensei no tasuke okagede, shiken ni goukaku shimashita.
Thanks to the teacher's help, I passed the exam.
Nihongo no benkyou okagede, kono eiga ga rikai dekimashita.
Thanks to studying Japanese, I was able to understand this movie.
Hareta tenki okagede, pikunikku ga tanoshikatta desu.
Thanks to the sunny weather, the picnic was enjoyable.

Long explanation:

The ~おかげで grammar point is used to express gratitude or show a positive outcome resulting from a certain factor, event or person. It can be translated as 'thanks to' or 'because of' in English. The formation is straightforward and can be used with verbs, い-adjectives, な-adjectives, and nouns.

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