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Decoded Slug: ~かねない (〜kane nai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~かねない (〜kane nai)

~かねない (〜kane nai)

Short explanation:

Express the likelihood of a negative outcome or consequence.


Verb-stem + かねない


Kare wa sonna ni musekinin dakara, yakusoku wo mamore kane nai.
He is so irresponsible that he might not keep his promise.
Chuui shinai to, jiko wo okoshi kane nai.
If you don't pay attention, you might cause an accident.
Kono apuri wa bug ga ooi node, seijou ni dousa shi kane nai.
This app has many bugs, so it might not work properly.
Kanojo wa kinchou shiteiru node, umaku hanashi kane nai.
She is nervous, so she might not be able to speak well.

Long explanation:

The ~かねない grammar point is used to express the possibility or likelihood of a negative outcome or consequence, often used when there is concern about the result. It is typically used with verbs and can be understood as 'might' or 'cannot guarantee'.

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