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Decoded Slug: ~かねる (〜kaneru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~かねる (〜kaneru)

~かねる (〜kaneru)

Short explanation:

Express inability or impossibility of doing an action.


Verb-ます stem + かねる


Sono mondai wa muzukashii node, watashi niwa kaiketsu dekikanemasu.
Since that problem is difficult, I cannot solve it.
Kare no itte iru koto ga shinjitsu ka douka handan shikanemasu.
I cannot judge whether what he is saying is true or not.
Kanojo ga kuru ka douka ima sugu ni wa wakarikanemasu.
I cannot immediately know whether she will come or not.
Kuwashii naiyou ni tsuite wa setsumei shikanemasu.
I cannot explain the detailed contents.

Long explanation:

The ~かねる grammar point is used to express that someone cannot do an action or something is impossible. It typically has a negative connotation and is used with potential form of verbs to show incapability.

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