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Decoded Slug: ~から Noun に 至る まで (〜kara 〜ni itaru made)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~から Noun に 至る まで (〜kara 〜ni itaru made)

~から Noun に 至る まで (〜kara 〜ni itaru made)

Short explanation:

Expressing range from one thing to another; 'from...to', 'ranging from...to'.


Noun[始点] + から + Noun[終点] + に至るまで


Kono bando no kyoku wa, seinen kara roujin ni itaru made, hitobito ni aisarete imasu.
The songs of this band are loved by people, ranging from young to old.
Chiisai bukken kara ooki na tatemono ni itaru made, subete no property no kanri o wareware ga okonaimasu.
We handle the management of all properties, ranging from small properties to large buildings.
Asa no nyuusubanashi kara yoru no dorama ni itaru made, terebi wa mainichi miteimasu.
I watch TV every day, from the morning news broadcasts to the night dramas.
Kono chiiki wa, haru kara fuyu ni itaru made, ryokousha de nigiwaimasu.
This area is crowded with tourists from spring to winter.

Long explanation:

The ~から〜に至るまで grammar point is used to denote a range or extensive scope from one end to another. It could be translated as 'from...to', 'ranging from...to' in English. It emphasizes an extreme end and can be used with nouns, verbs or sentences.

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