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Decoded Slug: ~からこそ (〜kara koso)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~からこそ (〜kara koso)

~からこそ (〜kara koso)

Short explanation:

Express the emphasis on the reason; 'precisely because', 'it is precisely because'.


Verb-casual + からこそ, い-Adjective + からこそ, な-Adjective + だからこそ, Noun + だからこそ


Shippai shita kara koso, seikou no imi ga wakaru.
It is precisely because I failed that I understand the meaning of success.
Kurushikatta kara koso, kyou no watashi ga aru.
It is precisely because I went through hardships that I am who I am today.
Kare wa shinsetsu da kara koso, ninki ga aru.
He is popular precisely because he is kind.
Mukashi no keiken ga aru kara koso, sono mondai ga yoku rikai dekiru.
I can understand that problem well precisely because I have past experience.

Long explanation:

The ~からこそ grammar point is used to emphasize on the reason or cause of a situation, usually indicating that the effect or outcome is surprising, unexpected, or especially significant. It can be translated as 'precisely because' or 'it is precisely because' in English. It attaches to the end of a clause that states the causal or motivational factor.

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