Decoded Slug: ~からすると (〜kara suru to)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~からすると (〜kara suru to)

~からすると (〜kara suru to)

Short explanation:

Expresses a judgment or evaluation based on a certain standard; 'from this perspective', 'considering', 'judging from'.


Noun + からすると


Keiken kara suru to, kono shigoto wa muzukashii deshou.
Considering their experience, this job might be difficult.
Hyouka kara suru to, ano resutoran wa totemo oishii desu.
Judging from the reputation, that restaurant is very delicious.
Kakaku kara suru to, kono shouhin wa kouhinshitsu no mono to omowaremasu.
Considering the price, this product seems to be of high quality.
Kono eria desu ga, koutsuu no ben kara suru to, benri desu.
As for this area, considering the transportation convenience, it is convenient.

Long explanation:

The ~からすると grammar point is used to make a judgment or evaluation based on a certain criterion, perspective, or standard. It can be translated to expressions like 'from this perspective', 'considering', or 'judging from' in English. It can be used with a noun or noun phrase that provides the basis for judging.

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