Decoded Slug: ~からには (〜kara niwa)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~からには (〜kara niwa)

~からには (〜kara niwa)

Short explanation:

Express a sense of responsibility or determination; 'since', 'now that', 'if'.


Noun + だ + からには, な-Adjective + だ + からには, い-Adjective + からには, Verb-casual + からには


Shiken ni goukaku shita kara niwa, isshokenmei hatarakanakereba naranai.
Since I passed the exam, I have to work hard.
Yakusoku shita kara niwa, mamoranakereba narimasen.
Since I made a promise, I must keep it.
Kono eiga ga omoshiroi kara niwa, tomodachi ni mo misetai.
Since this movie is interesting, I want to show it to my friends too.
Kanojo ga tasuke wo motometa kara niwa, tetsudawanakereba naranai.
Since she asked for help, I must help her.

Long explanation:

The ~からには grammar point is used to express a sense of responsibility or determination when a certain condition is met. It can be translated as 'since', 'now that', or 'if' in English. This grammar point is often used with verbs, adjectives, and nouns, but it requires the use of the proper conjugation or form.

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