Decoded Slug: ~から見ると (〜kara miru to)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~から見ると (〜kara miru to)

~から見ると (〜kara miru to)

Short explanation:

Express a perspective or point of view; 'from the standpoint of', 'in terms of', 'from the perspective of'.


Noun + から見ると


Hiyou kara miru to, kono puran wa otoku desu.
In terms of cost, this plan is a good deal.
Kanojo no iken kara miru to, shachou no kettei wa rikai dekiru.
From her perspective, the president's decision is understandable.
Jitsuryoku kara miru to, kare wa chiimu de mottomo sugurete iru.
In terms of ability, he is the best in the team.
Kenkoumen kara miru to, kono shokuhin wa yokunai.
From the standpoint of health, this food is not good.

Long explanation:

The ~から見ると grammar point is used to express a perspective or point of view. It can be translated as 'from the standpoint of', 'in terms of', or 'from the perspective of' in English. It is used with nouns, which represent the perspective.

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