Decoded Slug: ~から言うと (〜kara iuto)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~から言うと (〜kara iuto)

~から言うと (〜kara iuto)

Short explanation:

Express a judgment or opinion based on a specific criterion; 'speaking from', 'in terms of', 'from the viewpoint of'.


Noun + から言うと, Verb-casual + から言って, い-Adjective + から言って, な-Adjective + から言って


Nedan kara iuto, kono shouhin ga mottomo otoku desu.
Speaking from the viewpoint of price, this product is the best deal.
Aji kara itte, kono resutoran wa oishii to omoimasu.
In terms of taste, I think this restaurant is delicious.
Benrisa kara itte, kono apaato wa saiteki na basho ni arimasu.
Speaking from the perspective of convenience, this apartment is in the best location.
Kenkou kara iuto, mainichi undou suru koto ga taisetsu desu.
From the viewpoint of health, it is important to exercise every day.

Long explanation:

The ~から言うと grammar point is used to express a judgment or opinion based on a specific criterion or aspect. It can be translated as 'speaking from', 'in terms of', or 'from the viewpoint of' in English. The formation differs depending on whether it is used with a noun, verb or adjective.

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