Decoded Slug: ~が 私に くれます (〜ga watashi ni kuremasu)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~が 私に くれます (〜ga watashi ni kuremasu)

~が 私に くれます (〜ga watashi ni kuremasu)

Short explanation:

Used to express that someone gives a gift or favor to 'me'; 'someone gives me'.


Person + が + (Sth or Action) + 私に + くれます


Kare ga purezento wo watashi ni kuremashita.
He gave me a present.
Tomodachi ga shukudai wo tetsudatte watashi ni kuremashita.
My friend helped me with my homework.
Okaasan ga obentou wo tsukutte watashi ni kuremashita.
My mom made and gave me a lunch box.
Sensei ga adobaisu wo watashi ni kuremashita.
The teacher gave me advice.

Long explanation:

The ~が私にくれます grammar point is used to express that someone gives 'me' something or is doing something for the benefit of the speaker. It can be translated as 'someone gives me' or 'someone does something for me' in English. This formation is used with verbs that represent giving or doing something for someone.

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