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Decoded Slug: ~がち (〜gachi)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~がち (〜gachi)

~がち (〜gachi)

Short explanation:

Expresses that something tends to occur frequently or habitually.


Verb-ますstem + がち, い-Adjective stem + がち, な-Adjective stem + がち


Kare wa kaze wo hikigachi desu.
He tends to catch a cold easily.
Kono chiiki wa ame ga furigachi desu.
This area tends to have a lot of rain.
Kanojo wa wasuremono wo suru gachi desu.
She tends to leave things behind.
Watashi wa chikoku shi gachi nanode, motto hayaku okinai to ikenai.
I tend to be late, so I need to wake up earlier.

Long explanation:

The ~がち grammar point is used to express that something has a tendency to occur frequently or habitually. It can be attached to verbs and adjectives to indicate that the action or state tends to occur often.

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