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Decoded Slug: ~がゆえに (~ga yue ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~がゆえに (~ga yue ni)

~がゆえに (~ga yue ni)

Short explanation:

Expresses the reason or cause; 'because', 'due to', 'as a result of'.


Noun + がゆえに


Aijou ga yue ni, kare wa kanojo o yurushita.
Because of love, he forgave her.
Totsuzen no ame ga yue ni, shiai wa enki sareta.
Due to the sudden rain, the match was postponed.
Kare no doryoku ga yue ni, kare wa seikou o osameta.
Because of his efforts, he achieved success.
Kare no shi ga yue ni, kare no kazoku wa fukai kanashimi ni tsutsumareta.
Due to his death, his family was enveloped in deep sorrow.

Long explanation:

The ~がゆえに grammar point is used to express the reason or cause of something. This structure is often used in written Japanese or formal speech. It is equivalent to 'because of', 'due to', 'as a result of' in English.

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