Decoded Slug: ~こととて (〜koto tote)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~こととて (〜koto tote)

~こととて (〜koto tote)

Short explanation:

Used to express the reason or premise for a decision or judgement; 'since', 'because'.


Verb-casual + こととて, Noun + の + こととて


Kare wa saiban o katsu tame ni zenshisan o tsukau koto tote, bengoshi ni tanonda.
Since he is using all his assets to win the trial, he asked a lawyer.
Ashita wa taisetsu na shiken ga aru koto tote, konya wa hayaku nemasu.
Since I have an important exam tomorrow, I will go to bed early tonight.
Kono purojekuto no seikou wa kaisha no mirai ni eikyou suru koto tote, zenryoku wo tsukushimasu.
Because the success of this project will affect the future of the company, I will do my best.
Kare ga yuumeijin de aru koto tote, puraibashii ga hogo sareru beki da.
Since he is a celebrity, his privacy should be protected.

Long explanation:

The ~こととて grammar point is used to express the reason or premise for a certain decision or judgement. It denotes ideas such as 'since' or 'because' in English. This is often used in more formal or written Japanese.

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