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Decoded Slug: ~ことにしている (〜koto ni shite iru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ことにしている (〜koto ni shite iru)

~ことにしている (〜koto ni shite iru)

Short explanation:

Express a personal rule or habit; 'I make it a rule to', 'I always make sure to'.


Verb-casual + ことにしている


Mainichi undou suru koto ni shite iru.
I make it a rule to exercise every day.
Yoru osoku made hatarakanai koto ni shite iru.
I make it a rule not to work late into the night.
Shokuji no ato, ha wo migaku koto ni shite iru.
I always make sure to brush my teeth after meals.
Kaigi ni wa kanarazu juppun mae ni tsuku koto ni shite iru.
I always make sure to arrive 10 minutes early for meetings.

Long explanation:

The ~ことにしている grammar point is used to express a personal rule, habit, or decision that the speaker has made for themselves. It can be translated as 'I make it a rule to' or 'I always make sure to' in English. This grammar point is formed by attaching ことにしている to the casual form of a verb.

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