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Decoded Slug: ~ごとく (〜gotoku)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ごとく (〜gotoku)

~ごとく (〜gotoku)

Short explanation:

To seem like; as if; as though.


Verb-て + ごとく, Noun + の + ごとく


Kare wa tori no gotoku tonde iru you ni mieta.
He looked as though he was flying like a bird.
Kare wa shinda gotoku nemutte ita.
He was sleeping as though he were dead.
Kanojo wa aidoru no gotoku agamerarete iru.
She is admired as if she were an idol.
Kare wa kaze no gotoku hashitta.
He ran like the wind.

Long explanation:

The ~ごとく grammar point is used to express a resemblance or likeness. It's translated as 'to seem like', 'as if', 'as though' in English. The usage of this grammar point is quite formal and literary, often seen in writings, literature or formal speeches. It can be used with both nouns and verbs.

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