Decoded Slug: ~さえ~ば (〜sae 〜ba)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~さえ~ば (〜sae 〜ba)

~さえ~ば (〜sae 〜ba)

Short explanation:

As long as, if only, providing that.


Verb-casual + さえ + ば, い-Adjective + さえ + いい, な-Adjective + さえ + いい, Noun + さえ + いい


O-kane sae areba, shiawase desu.
As long as I have money, I am happy.
Shiken ni goukaku sae sureba, sotsugyou dekimasu.
If only I pass the exam, I can graduate.
Yasai ga takusan taberareru sae, haha wa yorokobimasu.
As long as I eat a lot of vegetables, my mother will be happy.
Koutsuuhi sae shiharatte moraeru nara, doko e demo iku.
As long as my transportation expenses are paid, I will go anywhere.

Long explanation:

The ~さえ~ば grammar point is used to express the condition that as long as one thing happens, something else will be possible or true. It emphasizes the importance of the condition and can often be translated as 'if only' or 'providing that' in English. The formation depends on whether it is used with a verb, い-adjective, な-adjective, or noun.

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