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Decoded Slug: ~ざるを得ない (〜zaru wo enai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ざるを得ない (〜zaru wo enai)

~ざるを得ない (〜zaru wo enai)

Short explanation:

To have no choice but to; cannot help but.


Verb-ない form (Drop ない) + ざるを得ない


Kono shigoto wa shimekiri ga chikai no de, zangyou suru zaru wo enai.
Since the deadline for this job is near, I have no choice but to work overtime.
Densha ga okureta tame, takushii ni noru zaru wo enakatta.
Since the train was delayed, I had no choice but to take a taxi.
Kanojo no setsumei ga nattoku dekinakatta ga, toriaezu shinjiru zaru wo enai.
I couldn't be convinced by her explanation, but I have no choice but to believe her for now.
Kono joukyou de wa, atarashii keikaku wo tatenaosu zaru wo enai.
In this situation, we have no choice but to revise the new plan.

Long explanation:

The ~ざるを得ない grammar point is used to express a situation where one has no choice but to do something or cannot help but do something. It indicates that it is inevitable, necessary, or unavoidable. It is used with the verb in the negative form.

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