Decoded Slug: ~し、~し、~ (〜shi, 〜shi, 〜)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~し、~し、~ (〜shi, 〜shi, 〜)

~し、~し、~ (〜shi, 〜shi, 〜)

Short explanation:

Express multiple reasons or characteristics; 'and', 'because', 'since'.


Verb-casual + し,い-Adjective + し,な-Adjective + だし, Noun + だし


Kare wa wakai shi, genki da shi, furendorī da shi, minna to nakayoku nareru to omoimasu.
He is young, energetic, friendly, and I think he can get along with everyone.
Kono resutoran wa ryouri ga oishii shi, fun'iki ga ii shi, kakaku mo tegoro dakara osusume desu.
I recommend this restaurant because the food is delicious, the atmosphere is nice, and the prices are reasonable.
Kanojo wa benkyou ga dekiru shi, supōtsu mo tokui da shi, seikaku mo ii.
She is good at studying, good at sports, and has a good personality.
Kyou wa samui shi, ame mo futte iru shi, ie de yukkuri yasunda hou ga ii deshou.
It's cold today, and it's raining, so it's better to relax at home.

Long explanation:

The ~し、~し、~ grammar point is used to connect multiple reasons or characteristics that support a conclusion or statement. It can be translated as 'and', 'because', or 'since' in English. This grammar can be used with verbs, い-adjectives, な-adjectives, and nouns.

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