Decoded Slug: ~そのために (〜sono tame ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~そのために (〜sono tame ni)

~そのために (〜sono tame ni)

Short explanation:

For the purpose of; because of; in order to.


Phrase / Sentence 1 + そのために + Phrase / Sentence 2


Shiken ni goukaku suru tame ni, mainichi benkyou shiteimasu. Sono tame ni, hayaku nete hayaku okiru you ni shiteimasu.
I study every day to pass the exam. For that reason, I try to go to bed early and wake up early.
Kenkoute na seikatsu wo okuritai. Sono tame ni, jimu ni kayotte undou shiteimasu.
I want to lead a healthy lifestyle. For that purpose, I go to the gym and exercise.
Kankyou wo mamoru tame ni, risaikuru ni torikundeimasu. Sono tame ni, gomi wo bumbetsu shite suteteimasu.
I'm working on recycling to protect the environment. For that reason, I sort and dispose of trash.
Atarashii shigoto wo mitsuketai. Sono tame ni, rirekisho wo kaite oubo shiteimasu.
I want to find a new job. So, I'm writing resumes and applying.

Long explanation:

The ~そのために grammar point is used to convey the purpose or reason behind an action or situation. It can be translated as 'for the purpose of', 'because of', or 'in order to' in English. It connects two sentences, expressing the cause or reason in the first sentence, and the resulting action in the second.

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