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Decoded Slug: ~その結果 (〜sono kekka)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~その結果 (〜sono kekka)

~その結果 (〜sono kekka)

Short explanation:

Shows the result or consequence of a previous action or situation; 'as a result', 'in consequence'.


Situation/ACTION 1 + その結果 + RESULT


Kanojo wa mainichi renshuu shita, sono kekka, shiai ni katta.
She practiced every day, as a result, she won the match.
Kaisha ga tousan shita, sono kekka, kare wa shigoto wo ushinatta.
The company went bankrupt, as a result, he lost his job.
Watashitachi wa chikoku shita, sono kekka, densha ni norenakatta.
We were late, as a result, we couldn't catch the train.
Kare wa benkyou wo okotatta, sono kekka, shiken ni ochita.
He neglected his studies, as a result, he failed the exam.

Long explanation:

The ~その結果 grammar point is used to show the result, outcome, or consequence of a previous action or situation. It can be translated as 'as a result', 'in consequence', or 'therefore' in English. The formation is simple, as it is a set expression placed between two clauses.

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