Decoded Slug: ~それと~ (〜sore to〜)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~それと~ (〜sore to〜)

~それと~ (〜sore to〜)

Short explanation:

Used to link two or more items; 'and' or 'also'.


Item1 + それと + Item2


Kaimono ni iku tsumori desu. Sore to, yuubinkyoku ni mo ikanakute wa.
I plan to go shopping, and I also have to go to the post office.
Kyou wa takosu wo tsukurimashita. Sore to, sarada mo tsukurimashita.
Today, I made tacos and I also made a salad.
Dekakeru mae ni, heya wo souji shite kudasai. Sore to, gomi wo sutete kudasai.
Please clean the room before you go out, and also throw away the trash.
Kare wa furansugo ga hanasemasu. Sore to, supeingo mo hanasemasu.
He can speak French, and he can also speak Spanish.

Long explanation:

The ~それと~ grammar point is used to connect two or more items or actions, similar to how 'and' or 'also' is used in English. The formation is simple, as it is placed between the items or actions that need to be connected.

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