Decoded Slug: ~たとたん (〜ta totan)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~たとたん (〜ta totan)

~たとたん (〜ta totan)

Short explanation:

Express the moment something happens; 'as soon as', 'just when'.


Verb-past + たとたん


Doa wo aketa totan, ame ga furihajimeta.
As soon as I opened the door, it started to rain.
Denwa wo kaketa totan, batterii ga kireta.
Just when I made the phone call, the battery died.
Kanojo ni atta totan, omoide no uta ga nagareta.
As soon as I met her, a nostalgic song started playing.
Tesuto ga owatta totan, rirakkusu dekita.
The moment the test was over, I was able to relax.

Long explanation:

The ~たとたん grammar point is used to express that an action or event occurred at the same moment as another action or event. It can be translated as 'as soon as' or 'just when' in English. This grammar construction requires using the past tense form of a verb.

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