Decoded Slug: ~だものだ (〜da mono da)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~だものだ (〜da mono da)

~だものだ (〜da mono da)

Short explanation:

Express the reason or cause, often used to justify something.


Verb-casual + んだものだ, い-Adjective + んだものだ, な-Adjective + なんだものだ, Noun + なんだものだ


Tsukareta n da mono da kara, yasumitai.
I want to rest because I'm tired.
Onaka ga suita n da mono da kara, nanika tabetai.
I want to eat something because I'm hungry.
Isogashii n da mono da kara, korarenai.
I can't come because I'm busy.
Kare wa shinsetsu na n da mono da kara, dare mo kare ga suki da.
Everyone likes him because he is kind.

Long explanation:

The ~だものだ grammar point is used to explain a reason or cause, often to justify a certain action, decision, or outcome. It is used in a subjective and explanatory tone, and can be translated as 'because' or 'since' in English. The formation varies depending on whether it is used with a verb, い-adjective, な-adjective, or noun.

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