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Decoded Slug: ~っていう (〜tte iu)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~っていう (〜tte iu)

~っていう (〜tte iu)

Short explanation:

Used to quote, define, or specify a noun.


Noun/Adjective/Verb + っていう + Noun


Piza tte iu ryouri ga daisuki desu.
I love the dish called pizza.
Kare tte iu dansei wa sugoku omoshiroi desu.
The man called him is very interesting.
Kono eiga tte iu no wa hontou ni kandouteki da yo.
This movie, I mean, is really touching.
Kanojo ga itte iru tte iu mise wa koko de wa nai.
The store she is talking about, I mean, is not here.

Long explanation:

The ~っていう grammar point is used for quoting, defining, or specifying a noun. It can be translated as 'called', 'that is to say', or 'I mean' in English. This expression is similar to ~という, but it is more casual and commonly used in spoken conversations.

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