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Decoded Slug: ~つつ (〜tsutsu)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~つつ (〜tsutsu)

~つつ (〜tsutsu)

Short explanation:

Shows two actions happening simultaneously; 'while', 'although'.


Verb-stem + つつ


Kare wa terebi wo mitsutsu, shukudai wo shiteimashita.
He was doing his homework while watching TV.
Saikin isogashii tsutsu, mainichi undou wo tsuzuketeimasu.
Although I've been busy lately, I continue to exercise every day.
Kanojo wa nakitsutsu, egao de wakare wo tsugeta.
While crying, she said goodbye with a smile on her face.
Ame ni nuretsutsu, kare wa aruki tsuzukemashita.
Even though he got wet from the rain, he continued walking.

Long explanation:

The ~つつ grammar point is used to express two actions occurring simultaneously or to show a contrast between two continuous actions. It can be translated as 'while' or 'although' in English. It is used with verbs and requires them to be in their stem form.

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