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Decoded Slug: ~てかなわない (〜te kanawanai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~てかなわない (〜te kanawanai)

~てかなわない (〜te kanawanai)

Short explanation:

Expresses that something cannot be endured, tolerated, or is uncontrollable.


Verb-てform + かなわない


Kono atsusa ni wa mou gaman shite kanawanai.
I cannot endure this heat anymore.
Kare no iu koto ni wa taete kanawanai.
I cannot tolerate what he says.
Kono eiga no kandou ga wasurete kanawanai.
I cannot forget the deep emotion of this movie.
Kanojo no egao ni mite kanawanai.
I cannot resist her smile.

Long explanation:

The ~てかなわない grammar point is used to express that something cannot be endured, tolerated or is uncontrollable. It implies that the situation or feeling is so strong that the speaker cannot hold back or control it. This grammar point is commonly used in negative statements and when describing emotions.

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