Decoded Slug: ~てまで (〜te made)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~てまで (〜te made)

~てまで (〜te made)

Short explanation:

Express the extent someone goes in order to achieve something; 'to the point of', 'even', 'so far as to'.


Verb-てform + まで


Kare wa shiken ni goukaku suru tame ni, tetsuya shite made benkyou shimashita.
He studied to the point of staying up all night in order to pass the exam.
Kono shouhin ga hoshikatta node, asa hayaku okite made narande kaimashita.
I wanted this product, so I went so far as to get up early in the morning and wait in line to buy it.
Kanojo wa kare o tasukeru tame ni, okane o karite made shujutsudai o haraimashita.
In order to help him, she went so far as to borrow money to pay for the surgery.
Buchou wa sono purojekuto o seikou saseru tame ni, kyuujitsu mo hatarai te made torikunde imasu.
The department manager is even working on holidays to make the project a success.

Long explanation:

The ~てまで grammar point is used to convey the extent someone goes to achieve something, highlighting the action one takes or the sacrifice one makes for a certain purpose. It can be translated as 'to the point of', 'even', or 'so far as to' in English. It can be used with verbs, but cannot be used with adjectives or nouns.

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